YouTube vs TikTok and Carryminati – Why TikTok should be banned from India

A popular Chinese application called TikTok is very popular among Youngsters in India. It has more than 120 million active users in India and expected to reach 300 million by the end of 2020. Despite it’s massive popularity it has attracted lot of criticisms, concerns and controversies. The most recent one was because of a video posted by self claimed star “Amir Siddiqui” whose videos were roasted by a popular YouTuber “Carryminati”. The title of the video was “YouTube vs TikTok“, which was deleted later by YouTube.

YouTube vs TikTok – How It Started

The controversy started when the self claimed star Amir Siddhiqui made few IGTV videos where he claimed TikTok is better than YouTube and TikTok creators are better than YouTube. He also made several provocative comments to “Carryminati” which has attracted lot of Criticism.

YouTube vs TikTok – The End

In response to his video Carryminati made a roast video called “YouTube vs TikTok – The End” which broke several world records and got almost 20 Million views in just 24 hours. He trolled Amir Siddhiqui so badly that he had to delete his past few videos and made an public apology video on Instagram. He even trolled another self claimed TikTok star called “Mr. Faisu” who was arrested a year before because of his communal video.

Trolling So called TikTok stars

Later the popular Meme and Facebook pages started trolling TikTok stars who had made anti-YouTube and communal videos. Well, this doesn’t go well with lot of TikTok content creators especially those guys who pretend to be LGBT people and make videos. People from TikTok started mass reporting Carryminati’s video. Following to this YouTube has deleted his video.

Video Deletion

According to our sources, the actual reason behind the deletion of this video is not only because of mass reporting, but based on YouTube’s harassment policy. As the video became an internet sensation, it was noticed by lot of people. It didn’t go well with many people especially people from LGBT community. Also the growing hate between two content creation communities was another reason behind the deletion of this video.

Huge Support for Carryminati

After the deletion of Carryminati’s YouTube video “YouTube vs TikTok” his fans and supporters took him to the top of the Twitter trends. Since today morning, the top four trends on Twitter were all related to CarryMinati, with hashtags like #justiceforcarry, #bringbackcarrysvideo, #shameonyoutube being used by the fans.

Popular creators like Ashish Chanchlani and Harsh Baniwal expressed their support for Carryminati on Twitter.

Most notable support was from India’s Top Tech YouTuber “Technical Guruji” who made a silent video named “Cleaning My Phones” to protest against TikTok. In the silent video he can be seen Uninstalling TikTok from 20+ smartphones. As the time of writing this article this video has crossed 2 Million+ views in just 6 hours.

Apart of Twitter and YouTube many people are showing massive open support for Carryminati.

Why TikTok should be banned from India

There are several reasons why this Chinese application should be banned from India. Earlier also it was banned in India, let’s know everything in details.

Previous Ban order by Madras High Court

In April 2019, TikTok was banned in India by the Madras High Court, which said it was spreading pornography, potentially exposing children to sexual predators, and adversely impacting its the mental health of its users. The ban, however, was lifted on April 24 after TikTok made some privacy changes.

Anti-National and Communal Content

TikTok is filled with thousands of communal, provocative and anti-India videos. From being called “anti-national” for its “close relationship” with the Chinese government, to being referred to as a “hub” of anti-national content lot of people want this app should be banned from India.

During CAA protest, the Hyderabad Cyber Crime Police have registered criminal cases against TikTok and other social media platforms for allegedly allowing people to carry out anti-national activities in the name of protests against the citizenship law. The app is filled with such type of contents and TikTok barely does anything against them.

After “YouTube vs TikTok” video deleted lot of people started making comments and Videos on TikTok like “It is Muslim Power” etc. These kind of provocative contents disturb India’s religious harmony.

National security concerns

Chinese companies have a close relation with the Chinese government: On July 13, 2019 Swadeshi Jagran Manch wrote a letter to the prime minister, calling for a ban on the TikTok. The organisation argued that this app is influencing the teenagers for “vested interests” at an early stage. It also noted that ByteDance paid ‘influencers’ to run campaigns promoting products, issues and ideologies.

Several times the US Lawmakers also accused the Chinese application TikTok of secretly gathering user data and sending it to China. It was also alleged that TikTok takes user’s personal data and sends it to Chinese Data servers.

As I reviewed TikTok’s privacy policy, it also takes your personal data including your contact details and messages mentioned in TikTok’s Privacy policy.

We collect information when you create an account and use the Platform. We also collect information you share with us from third-party social network providers, and technical and behavioral information about your use of the Platform. We also collect information contained in the messages you send through our Platform and information from your phone book, if you grant us access to your phone book on your mobile device. More information about the categories and sources of information is provided below.

Illegal collection of Children’s data

In 2019, the U.S. government penalized TikTok $5.7 million for illegally collecting children’s data. This include collecting names, email addresses, pictures and locations of kids under age 13, a record penalty for violations of the US child privacy law.


I believe there are many more things we might be see in this “YouTube vs TikTok” controversy. My personal views to this Chinese Application is extremely negative due to it’s dicey and non-transparent policy. This is why TikTok should be banned from India – According to my personal opinion.

Apart from all “YouTube vs TikTok” controversy. Recently Chinese spokesman to India said China wants Indian Media to support it’s One-China policy Propaganda. This news just came after Chinese helicopters spotted in Ladakh just after Sikkim clash. There are lot of such incidents Chinese applications and businesses should be banned from India. And this is why TikTok should be banned from India.

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