Is ge-NDTV India is Anti-National PKMKB official News Channel?

India has it’s own version of PKMKB news channel called ge-NDTV India. Sometimes I get confused whether it’s an Indian or Pakistani news channel. There are various occasions when ge-NDTV India has posted various anti-India and Anti-Hindu content. Because of it’s senseless and anti-national program a banned order was issued by Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in 2016. Below are some of the details why people think ge-NDTV India is Anti-National PKMKB News channel.

Why Ge-NDTV India is Anti-National?

1. Pathankot Attack:

During 2016 Pathankot attack Ge-NDTV India was accused of revealing sensitive details, such as the location of the ammunition depot, school and residential areas in its coverage of the Pathankot attack. It also appeared to disclose the location of the attackers.

2. Tax fraud:

In 2010, Ge-NDTV, through its foreign subsidiaries have allegedly violated numerous Indian tax and corporate laws.

The Sunday Guardian exposed the ge-NDTV’s financial misdemeanors and malpractices in connivance with ICICI Bank. It provides details of how ge-NDTV’s major stakeholders raised funds by false declaration of the value of shares in ge-NDTV. Later ge-NDTV CEO claimed to the Sunday Guardian along with the threat of “criminal defamation”.

Why Ge-NDTV India is PKMKB News channel?

Due to it’s anti-India, anti-Hindu and biased news reporting Ge-NDTV is very popular in Pakistan. Most of the times it can be seen Pakistan’s prominent figures re-tweeting and sharing Ge-NDTV’s articles to attack India.

NDTV India is Anti-National PKMKB

This news channel is also inspired by the manifesto of our PKMKB Party. Hence it is not wrong to say Ge-NDTV India is PKMKB News channel.

Why Ge-NDTV India is Anti-Hindu and Biased?

Here they posted a picture in Twitter mentioning the religion as “Muslim” until the real idol maker exposed them.

NDTV India is Anti-National PKMKB

NDTV India is Anti-National PKMKB

This is how ge-NDTV spreads it’s propaganda using religion and caste. Whenever ge-NDTV get’s a chance to blame Hindus it goes to severe extend blaming the entire community. But when the victim is a Muslim they simply ignore the incident or hide the name of of the culprit in the name of protecting religious harmony.


Don’t you think all these events prove ge-NDTV India is Anti-National PKMKB news channel? Whether you are a Muslim, Hindu, Sikh or Atheist, please boycott these kind of biased and anti-national PKMKB news channels.

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