What is Mission Toothbrush? Why PKMKB people are Scared of it?

If you are quite active on social media you must have seen an ongoing and popular trend called “Mission Toothbrush” launched by Anshul Saxena. Soon, after the trend started many people joined in support and as usual some PKMKB people got scared and started opposing it. So, what is this Mission Toothbrush and why PKMKB people are opposing this? let’s know everything.

What is Mission Toothbrush?

Ramayan on DD

According to a post by Anshul, this mission is active on Instagram since 10th April 2020. When the telecast of Ramayan started on DD, many Anti-Hindu & Anti-India accounts created by PKMKB for propaganda & hatred.

Most of the accounts created were abusing Hindu Gods & Goddesses. And when people were reporting such accounts, Instagram was replying that due to coronavirus pandemic, they can’t review the appeals.These elements take advantage of it & created such accounts. Things to be noted that Instagram is filled with all such things against India and Hinduism and created by PKMKB People.

Anti-CAA Protest

During Anti CAA Protests, Many propagandists inspired by PKMKB manifesto used Instagram for their work because they were getting exposed on twitter, Facebook, so Instagram was the only option left for them. Unfortunately, people didn’t take Instagram seriously because they thought this platform is only for uploading images & videos for fun & family stuff, etc.

On 10th April, Anshul uploaded a story on Instagram to share details of such accounts, and many people sent info on my email.

Mass Report and Solution

After this incident people started mass-reporting these kind of posts and accounts. After so much effort Instagram finally started to take down this kind of abusive accounts created by PKMKB people.

According to Anshul, Reporting and removing such anti-India and anti-Hindu account is not the only solution, there are many other things in this “Mission Toothbrush” yet to be reveled. He also endorsed people to create an Instagram account like social media platform.He also said, The more details of this Mission Toothbrush will be shared from tomorrow onward.


The PKMKB website is not here to spread any hatred, we are just here to raise the awareness about anti-India and anti-Hindu propaganda by PKMKB people.

Thispost is inspired from Anshul Saxena’s recent Facebook post. He is doing a great job to stop these kind of abusive accounts through Mission Toothbrush and we need to support him.

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