How India’s Top Secret weapon KALI wiped out entire Pakistani military base

It was 7th April 2012, when massive avalanche hit a Pakistani military base in Gayari sector in the Siachen Glacier, killing 130 Pakistani soldiers on duty along with Pakistani civilian contractors under deep snow which is believed to be 80–100 ft thick. The entire Pakistani base on the highest battleground of the world was destroyed in seconds.

India’s Top Secret weapon KALI
IAF Choppers Flying above Siachen Glacier

Operation Whitewash

Although it seems like a natural disaster but it was not, because Avalanches are very uncommon in the area of Gayari. There were many reports from Pakistani media about this incident which directly blamed India for carrying out a top secret mission called “Operation Whitewash” using it’s high tech Top Secret weapon KALI (Kilo Ampere Linear Injector).

This Top secret mission has a very interesting story which lead to the success of “Operation Whitewash”.


The story started back in 2009 when the “Jawahar Tunnel” which connects Kashmir with rest of India was completely set with ice with no chances of transportation. So to avoid any threat from the ice berg the Tunnel was closed and BRO (Border Roads Organisation) was called in to clear the ice and for their help along with DRDO’S LASTEC (Laser Science and Technology Center).

India’s Top Secret weapon KALI
BRO (Border Roads Organisation)

When the joint effort by LASTEC and BRO to clear the ice was going on, fortunately there was a senior official from RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) present at the site. He was amazed to see that DRDO’s Tatra trucks were mounted with some kind of Artillery gun with KALI written on it.

India's Top secret weapon KALI
DRDO Tatra Trucks Mounted with KALI
India’s Top Secret weapon KALI
KALI 5000 System Prototype

Idea of secret weapon KALI

He was amazed because though he was a senior RAW officer, but he had never seen something like this in his entire career. So out of curiosity he confronted with the DRDO officers and came to know that KALI was a LASER gun which is used to create minor avalanches in the ice mountain so that the threat of big avalanche can be avoided.

The officer came back to Delhi but, he started thinking, if KALI can be used as a weapon, because if it can create small avalanches, massive avalanches can also be created.

So he presented his idea in front of his senior officers, unfortunately the idea was rejected. But he did not give up instead he started his research with LASTEC and SASE (Snow & Avalanche Study Estt) and came up with an detailed presentation which was well accepted by RAW chief Sanjeev Tripathi, back then he was also very close friend of NSA chief MK Narayanan. So, the idea was also accepted by NSA. Back then Dr. Manmohan Singh was India’s PM, after few efforts NSA was able to get a green signal from PM.

After getting the green signal from the PM, the project started. The NSA head MK Narayanan himself was the head of this project who was directly reporting to PM of India and RAW chief was the mission head who shortlisted candidates from LASTEC, Indian Army and Air Force for this project. The project was named as “Operation White Wash”.

Deployment of India’s Top Secret weapon KALI

India’s Top Secret weapon KALI was successfully completed. The team started identifying the perfect trigger locations which is very close to Pakistani base camp so that the entire army base can be destroyed and all evidences could be sabotaged by the snow storm. There was a possible threat of self destruction by KALI if triggered on ground, So it was planned to carry out this operation in Air. Two IAF IL-76 was called in to Charbatia Air Base, Cuttack, Odisha India and mounted with KALI 5000 W Laser Beam.

Operation whitewash
Then these planes were moved to Sarsawa Air Force Station which was close to the triggered location. Indian Air-force’s Garud Commandos were deployed for it’s top most security. The mission date was selected for 7-Apr-2012 at 12:00 PM because avalanches mostly come during the afternoon. But due to some technical feasibility problem polarization and high precision shooting Air advice from Bhabha Atomic Research Center was taken and mission timing was changed to morning 4:00 AM.

D-Day: Operation Whitewash

Finally the D-Day was there. Two IAF IL-70 armed with KALI Laser Weapon flown to Siachen and took their designated position. To give support an IAF AWACS plane and IL-78 Fuel tanker also took their position. Also at the same time 6 IAF Mirrage 2000 fighter jets and 2 IAF Sukhoi-30 jets were also airborne near the Siachen Glacier.

India's Top secret weapon KALI
IAF Sukhoi-30

So, everything was set, after getting the green signal from ISRO’s satellite data, KALI was triggered and at morning 5:40 AM Indian Observation team deployed in ex-post started hearing the massive sound of avalanche towards the Pakistani post. In just few seconds the speed of avalanche reached to 300–3000 KM/hr (Sources). After seeing the massive avalanche approaching, Pakistan ex-post tried to alert their forward post but it was too late, entire base was submerged inside 80–100 FT of snow.

Operation Whitewash
Entire Pakistani Base is under rock and snow
India's top secret weapon KALI
Rescue operations by Pakistani Army

This is the power of Indian’s high tech Top Secret weapon KALI. Jay Hind.

KALI also known as an avatar of Hindu Goddess Durga. Goddess Kali is ruthless destroyer of the enemies. She is shown as four handed lady wearing garlands made of heads of enemies she has killed. One right hand holds a sword and other right hand holds a trident. Upper left hand holds a amputated and bleeding head of one enemy and lower left hand holds a bowl where blood from enemy head is collected. So the name suggests actual intentions and idea of DRDO behind this.

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