Tahir Hussain the Man Behind Delhi Riots – Liberals can’t Blame Hindus this time

On the day of Donald Trump’s India visit in Feb 2020, shocking riots erupted in North-east Delhi. This riot was responsible for the death of 53 people including blood-chilling murder of Ankit Sharma who was stabbed 51 times in his chest. Horrible waves of bloodshed, property destruction, and rioting had trilled the Indian capital. Later the whole riot was blamed on Hindu mobs for attacking Muslims without proper investigation and conclusion. But a recent charge sheet by Delhi police has changed the entire story, where Aam Aadmi party’s Tahir Hussain is one of the mastermind of Delhi Riots.

Charge sheet by Delhi Police against Tahir Hussain

In the charge sheet by Delhi police against AAP councilor Tahir Hussain, stated: on January 8, more than a month before the Delhi riots, he met with former JNU student Umar Khalid and Khalid Saifi of the United Against Hate at the Shaheen Bagh anti-CAA protest.

In the meeting Umar asked him “to be prepared for riots at the time of Trump’s visit”, and “he and other PFI terrorist organization members will help him financially”. This suggests a deep-rooted conspiracy planning was going just behind the shades of Shaheen Bagh protest.

Police Interrogation

In the police interrogation, Tahir Hussain the Man Behind Delhi Riots revealed, Saifi gave him money for preparations and he transferred Rs 1.10 crore to fake companies in the second week of January. Later he received the amount in cash through a chain of transactions and started his preparations. He also distributed cash to anti-CAA protesters. He also got his licensed pistol, to teach everyone a lesson.

Delhi police also retrieved the WhatsApp texts of an accused linked to Tahir Hussain, which revealed: proper instructions were given, like “keep acid, petrol, stones” etc.

Various videos taken by eyewitnesses confirmed the direct involvement of Tahir Hussain for erupting riots in his locality. Violent mobs can be seen throwing acid bombs, Molotov cocktails, stones and even firing gunshots from Tahir Hussain’s roof top.

Targeted Killing of IB officer Ankit Sharma

Ankit Sharma, an under-training IB officer, was killed by a Muslim mob during riots, when groups supporting and opposing the CAA and NRC act clashed. The charge sheet says Ankit was stabbed 51 times and his body thrown in a drain near Tahir Hussain’s house, an act captured in a video filmed by a person in the same locality. Ankit’s body was recovered two days later from the drain behind Tahir Hussain’s house.

He was specifically targeted by a mob led by Tahir Hussain – according to Delhi police which also proved earlier by various eyewitnesses who saw dumping of Ankit’s body by the violent mobs lead by Tahir Hussain the Man Behind Delhi Riots. The police charge sheet says that Ankit Sharma was murdered outside Hussain’s house in Khajuri Khas area.

The police also added that the bloodstained knife used to stab Ankit Sharma was found along with the bloodstained clothes of the killer. The blood found on the clothes was that of Ankit Sharma. It adds that another knife used in the crime was also recovered.

Video evidence changed the entire Hindu Blaming narrative

Initially several national and international media even liberals and leftists accused Hindus for attacking and killing Muslims. But multiple video evidence by several eyewitnesses near Tahir Hussain’s house which lead to an investigation and police charge sheet exposed the real culprit.

Tahir Hussain the Man Behind Delhi Riots
Mohammad Shahrukh pointing a gun towards Police
Tahir Hussain the Man Behind Delhi Riots
Mohammed Shahrukh Threatening a policeman

During this deadly riot, a rioter called Mohammed Shahrukh was seen threatening a unarmed policeman with a gun at Jafrabad and later fired 8 rounds of bullets towards the Policeman. He was arrested on March 3 from Uttar Pradesh’s Shamli district. According to the police, after Shahrukh saw himself on news channels following to the incident, he changed his clothes and fled to Punjab. He then moved to Bareilly in UP before hiding at a friend’s house in Shamli in the state.

Some of the other people arrested in the case who are linked to Tahir Hussain were Salman, Firoz, Javed, Gulfam, Shoyaib and Anas.

Few videos by media also suggested how the riot was pre-planned to target only Hindu shops and houses and leave others. All these planning was going behind the shadow of CAA, NRC protest and Shaheen Bagh drama.


The PKMKB never blame any religion behind this unfortunate Delhi Riots, became all these were properly planned and executed by radical Jihadists and funded by terrorist organization Popular Front of India (PFI). This is their way to radicalize people, sponsor riots and spread hate among religions especially targeting Hindus became a trend.

As responsible citizen of India, it’s our upmost duty to never participate in this kind of incidents. What Tahir Hussain did is very criminal and people who are defending him are more criminal than him. Let’s spread love not hate and let the culprit Tahir Hussain the Man Behind Delhi Riots to be punished according to law.

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