PKMKB Pakistani propaganda against India on social media

After India removed Indian state Kashmir’s special status last year, Pakistan has started multiple Pakistani propaganda against India on social media platforms. Starting from creating fake accounts to spreading hate among various religions in India and circulating fake videos.

When whole world is fighting corona virus, PKMKB Pakistan is shamelessly spreading Pakistani propaganda against India. But recently Indian cyber security experts have revealed interesting and worrisome facts.

Pakistani propaganda against India

From past few months the Pakistani Propaganda against India went to an extreme level. Multiple fake identities pretending to be Arab, Christian and Hindu identities started circulating fake news and Islamophobic content against India.

After investigation by Security agencies and independent social media users it was revealed that the recent hashtags like Islamophobia in India on Twitter, were mostly produced from bot accounts, trolls and PKMKB people of Pakistan.

The idea of this “Pakistani propaganda against India” was to fill internet with all kind of Anti-India, Anti-Hindu and Anti-Modi sentiment. And poetry India as an Islamophobic country. A failed and terrorist supporter PKMKB country like Pakistan has no other option but to run propaganda against India.

Multiple PKMKB Fake Accounts Exposed

In one of the cases there was a fake twitter account pretending to be Omani Princess “Arab Mona Bint Fahd Al Saeed” spreading multiple anti-India posts later found to be a Pakistani PKMKB army sponsored account called @pak_fauj.

PKMKB Pakistani propaganda against India

A popular social media activist Anshul Saxena in one of his video exposed a very popular Facebook Page called CJ Post. The CJ Post usually posts propaganda videos pretending as western media. This PKMKB Pakistani run page used to post various propaganda videos like “Anti-India”, “Anti-Hindu”, “Khalistan” to provoke different communities in India.

This Pakistani run Page used to hire anchors from Fiverr and provide them script and content to make these kind of videos and to make people think this is coming from western media. Soon after Anshul exposed PKMKB CJ Post, they unpublished their page.

Things also to be noted various Pakistan run Instagram accounts found with many Anti-Hindu & Anti-India contents. Taking advantage of Instagram’s delayed support these PKMKB accounts keep abusing Hindu Gods and cultures. Thanks to Mission Toothbrush, for which most of the accounts were reported and deleted.

Source: Times of India article

ISI Sponsored Pakistani propaganda against India

These kind of Pakistani propaganda against India is not new. Because Pakistan’s state run terrorist and intelligence PKMKB wing “ISI” is doing it since quite long.

PKMKB ISI is known to have been running social media Pakistani propaganda against India over Kashmir. Thousands of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles pretending to be Hindus try to provoke Muslims in Kashmir and rest part of India. They usually use fake human right images and videos mostly from Syria and Palestine.


This is really shameful that during a Global Pandemic Pakistan is continuously running Propaganda and terrorism against India. But what can be expected from a PKMKB failed country like Pakistan. To be noted 144 UN designated terrorist organisations belong to Pakistan and the country is the hub to Global terrorism.

It’s a high time for us to identify, report and block such accounts which are spreading hate among communities in India. Never let these fake Pakistani propaganda against India to provoke you.

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