PKMKB is Trending on Twitter | Why Shahid Afridi is a Jihadi

The failed state Pakistan which is home to 144 UN designated terrorist organisation brutally trolled again on Twitter today. Since today morning PKMKB is trending on twitter.

Why PKMKB is Trending on Twitter?

PKMKB Trending on Twitter

It’s a habit of shameless Pakistanis Politicians and terrorist supports to abuse India and spread hate against India and Indians. But this time Pakistani ex-Cricketer Shahid Afridi was seen speaking rubbish against India and Indian Prime Minister. The video exposing Shahid Afridi was posted by Retd. Major Gaurav Arya and other Indian personalities on twitter.

It’s really sad and horrible to see during a global pandemic while whole world is fighting against Wuhan Corona virus, Pakistanis are spreading hate and funding terror organisations.

Soon after the video leaked on Twitter Indian ex-Cricketer Gautam Gambhir tweeted a perfect reply to PKMKB cricketer Shahid Afridi. Soon after this other Indians rushed to troll Pakistan and Shahid Afridi with hashtags like #PKMKB and #shahidAfridi_Bhadva_hai. Soon after this since today morning PKMKB is Trending on Twitter including other hashtags like “shahidAfridi_Bhadva_hai”, ShahidAfridiisaTerrorist” etc.

Why Shahid Afridi is a Jihadi?

It’s pretty common in Pakistan to abuse Indians, Hindus and Indian leadership to gain attention and vote bank. This is how they are keeping their public engaged with hate-Politics. Pakistan is a global hug for terrorists and abusing India and Hindus are the only way to influence and motivate these terrorists.

The current Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has won election on the basis of hate-politics and Jihad against India. Because this is the only shortcut to gain popularity and support. So, we shouldn’t be surprised seeing Shahid Afridi spreading hate for India. Hence Shahid Afridi is a Jihadi and PKMKB is Trending on Twitter.


It was really a proud moment for entire team of “The PKMKB” to see #PKMKB is trending on twitter.

I have also mentioned before our website is enough for entire Pakistani population, those who are spreading hate against India. Today is a reason why PKMKB is Trending on Twitter, if PKMKB, Pakistan does not stop these type of shameless activities they might see #PKMKB trending in Pakistan. And remember the fact “Shahid Afridi is a Jihadi”.


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