How Paatal Lok is beautifully crafted to Promote Hinduphobia

Recently a new web series called “Paatal Lok” was aired on Prime Videos and got lot of attention and critic appreciation. Now it has come under the scanner for allegedly promoting Hinduphobic ideology. Netizens have slammed producer Anushka Sharma and the series for showing anti-Hindu culture. NDTV which is known for his anti-India stand, earlier had given 1 star to URI, but rated 4.5 star to Paatal Lok. The reason behind this is Paatal Lok is beautifully crafted to Promote Hinduphobia.

How Paatal Lok is beautifully crafted to Promote Hinduphobia

Instead of not talking about the story line or plot let’s directly know the details by which they are trying to give some messages or to be more precise they trying setting a biased hinduphobia narrative.

This web series is so beautifully crafted with amazing acting, plot and story line that one will lost with it and ignore the narrative. The web series tried to communalize things by using a divisive plot. Kudos to the directors for doing it in a very cunning manner that people will ignore it. Below are some of the Examples of Hinduphobia in Paatal Lok.

Ram Bhakts attacking Muslim family

In a scene a Hindu lady can be seen vomiting after a Muslim person open his meal box containing Chicken. The other Muslim kid offers her water but she refuses. What’s the message here, “Muslims are friendly and humble but Hindus hate them even for their food”.

In the same scene a crowd of Ram Bhakts can be seen chanting “Ram lala hum aayenge, Mandir wahin bnayenge” attacks and kills the same innocent Muslim person over the suspicion of eating Beef. What’s the message they conveyed here: “Saffron clad Ram Bhakts killed an innocent Muslim person without any reason”.

Hinduphobia in paatal lok

Govt is falsely accusing Pakistan to cover their own crime

The main story line of the movie where the assassins were declared as the agents of ISI and trained L&T terrorists who were here to assassinate a Liberal journalist – the vocal critique of the ruling govt. What’s the message they conveyed, govt is assassinating the journalists who are criticizing them. And labeling them as Pakistani sponsored and this is how India blames Pakistan for everything even though Pakistan is involved in such propaganda and terrorist activities.

Hindu Priest eating Non-veg in a Temple

In one scene a person eating Beef or Mutton right outside of a temple and the cuisine was cooked by the Hindu Pujari (religious cook). Lord Shiva also can be seen in the background. What message is conveyed here? Isn’t this making you think Paatal Lok is beautifully crafted to Promote Hinduphobia?

Paatal Lok is beautifully crafted to Promote Hinduphobia
Paatal Lok is beautifully crafted to Promote Hinduphobia

Connecting Rape Culture with Hindu Gods

In Another scene where a cell of prison is shown and prisoners were playing cards. One transgender entered the cell and all of them started staring at her body as they were about to rape her.

Paatal Lok is beautifully crafted to Promote Hinduphobia
Paatal Lok is beautifully crafted to Promote Hinduphobia

The creepy nature of these prisoners was shown but in the Background the portrait of Lord Shiva and Krishna was drawn on the wall with caption “Jai Bhole Nath“. What message is conveyed here? All ill-minded, criminals and rapists mentality people are Hindu god worshipers.

The Communal Message

In the entire movie the communal angle is shown irrelevantly. According to the web series, the Muslim minorities were ill-treated by Hindu people and Hindu Lower cast people were targeted by Higher Hindu cast people.
Even the main Villain of the series can be seen carrying “holy water of Ganga” with him and whenever he meets a lower caste person he clean himself right after.

This time Sikhism was on the attack too, the Higher caste of Sikhs oppress lower cast people and can be seen raping mother of a lower cast person in front of everyone.

Ansari was the only honest Cop

According to Paatal Lok, In the entire Delhi Police, there was only one Sane, polite and committed person who is very open minded and intelligent, cleared UPSC mains. His name is Ansari. Because of his Muslim identity he faces discrimination by his Hindu colleagues and higher officials. Don’t you think Paatal Lok is beautifully crafted to Promote Hinduphobia?

Hinduphobic Narrative in Web series

This is not the first time when Hinduphobic narratives were shown in a web-series to defame Hindus and show minorities were targeted by Hindus. Actually there are many more, previous famous webseries like Sacred Games, Ghoul and Laila used the same narrative. Paatal Lok is just another example and people were shocked how Paatal Lok is beautifully crafted to Promote Hinduphobia behind a good story line and acting.


Now the left liberals have found a very creative way to spread their anti-India and Anti-Hindu propaganda using web series. It’s high time for us to at least slam these kind of biased content. I agree there are some problems in India, but showing only one side of coin is totally biased. How Paatal Lok is beautifully crafted to Promote Hinduphobia is just a great example of it.

No society is perfect or no system runs perfectly without a timely checkup. Yes we had our flaws and will have in future also. But that doesn’t mean we give right to paint us with hatred and biased agenda by using web series like “Paatal Lok”. Santana-Hindu religion always teaches us to fight the evil and overcome our misery as we always did. Together we can overcome these and this platform “The PKMKB” is a step towards it.


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