Manifesto of our Inspiring PKMKB party

In case someone forgot our Khangress Party is also known as PKMKB Party. Once open a time in 2019 they had declared a very beautiful PKMKB Manifesto. They fought hard by spreading anti-hindu, anti-national, fake corruption news.

Everyone knows what happened to our PKMKB party after the elections. Anyway, today I was just going though some of the social media posts by Anshul Saxena and found below PKMKB Manifesto.

Manifesto of PKMKB party

  1. We will rename all Schemes & Yojanas to PKMKB
  2. We will insert PKMKB in Oxford Dictionary
  3. We will do Developments in India in the name of PKMKB
  4. We will launch Balochistan wing of PKMKB
  5. We will launch PKMKB cell in JNU
  6. We will not tolerate any Cyber & Psychological warfare
  7. We will launch PKMKB awards for the Citizens who have potential to do PKMKB
  8. We will punish Anti Nationals
  9. We will introduce PKMKB as our Fundamental right
  10. We will launch PKMKB service for Indian Hackers
  11. We will add PKMKB in Education, we will also launch PKMKB graduation & Masters degree
  12. We will declare 26 February as PKMKB day
  13. We will unite India in the name of PKMKB
  14. We will launch PKMKB pensions schemes
  15. We will declare Pakistan as PKMKB in UN

Your Beloved PKMKB Party.

My Final Words

Vote for PKMKB in 2024 Elections. India wants a change & that change is PKMKB. Vote for PKMKB and Anshul Saxena (I copied this post from him) so that he can achieve your dreams.

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