How defaming Hindus became a new Trend | ISKCON Surleen Kaur controversy

From so called western adopted stand-up comedy to Indian webseries, from left-liberal news reporting to anti-Hindu social media posts, defaming Hindus became a new trend now. The recent ISKCON Surleen Kaur controversy is a best example of how defaming Hindus and abusing Hindu culture has became a new Trend in India.

ISKCON Surleen Kaur controversy – How it started

During a comedy act in 2019, Surleen Kaur linked ISKCON with pornography saying “Besak Hum ISKCON wale hain par andar se sab porn wale hain,” Which means from outside we must be ISKCON people but from inside we are porn people. She didn’t stop rather made so many abusive remarks against Hindu cultures, Hindu monks and Hindu society.

After the video went viral, people protested with massive outrage on social media. Soon after this, ISKCON lodged a police complaint against Surleen Kaur and Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd for “using inappropriate words for ISKCON, for Hindu Monks, and defaming Hindus”.

Shemaroo’s Unconditional Apology

Soon after massive public outrage against Shemaroo and Surleen kaur, Shermaroo expressed an unconditional apology to ISKCON for defaming Hindus. They also mentioned later in another tweet that they decided to disassociate any further involvement with Surleen Kaur and Balraj Syal.

ISKCON’s reaction

However, Sri. Radharamn Das, Vice President and spokesperson ISKCON, refused to accept the apology saying that it has become a trend to defame Santana Dharma.

In response to Shermaroo’s tweet he said, a legal action will be taken for defaming Hindus. “No more. We will make an example out of this nonsense. Enough is enough,” he tweeted.

Following to this ISKCON Surleen Kaur controversy, In the letter, Sri. Radharamn Das says, there is a growing trend in India, “where Hinduism/Santana Dharma and our Rishi-Munis, Deities etc are being constantly abused by a group of people and organizations.”

He further said that such people are “misusing the tolerant nature of the followers of Santana Dharma and their abuses and language and volume of abuse has only grown louder day by day.”

When writing this article, today morning ISKCON have published an official statement following to this “ISKCON Surleen Kaur controversy.”

ISKCON Surleen Kaur controversy
Official ISKCON Statement

Defaming Hindus became a new Trend

Actually this is not the first time when so called stand-up comedians tried defaming Hindus. Earlier a self-claimed comedian named “Munawar Faruqui” made some delegatory jokes on Hindu Gods. Even after so much outrage this video is still there on YouTube.

From Kunal Kamra to Masoom Rajwani, from Josh Frydenberg to Sanjay Rajoura, the anti-Hindu stand-up comedian list is huge. Kunal Kamra even made some Anti-Muslim jokes and later deleted it.

Earlier we have reported how anti-Hindu groups are spreading Hinduphobic content through webseries in Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos. The recent webseries Pataal Lok” is a best example of beautifully crafted webseries to defame Hindus and Hinduism.

Even the left-liberal groups like Burkha Dutt, Arundhati Roy, Sagarika De, Ashok Swain and few news media houses like NDTV, never miss a chance defaming Hindus and Hindu cultures.


As a nation where we are going. Stand-up comedy, Movies, webseries and Social media apps like TikTok supposed to entertain people. Instead they are being used to spread a unacceptable ideology and hate comments. Making jokes on religion, hurting religious sentiments, delegatory remark against belief and culture, using abusive words, what kind of Stand-up comedy is this. Hindus are the worst affected with these kind of constant attack and defaming Hindus has became a new Trend in India.

A great outcome of ISKCON Surleen Kaur controversy is people strongly objected against these kind of stand-up comedy and taking a strong stand. With this an example has been set for those who are try to defaming Hindus and other religions too.

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