Chinese helicopters spotted in Ladakh just after Sikkim clash | Insane CKMKB

Just few days after the fierce face-off between Chinese and Indian solders near Pangong Lake, Chinese helicopters spotted flying close to the India China border in Eastern Ladakh today.

This is not the first time Communist China doing these kind of provocation in it’s borders, but doing these kind of dreadful things during a global Pandemic is really shameful and force us to say CKMKB.

Chinese helicopters spotted in Ladakh

The Chinese military helicopters were seen flying close to the Line of Actual Control on at least a couple of occasions following the clashes. After Chinese helicopters spotted in Ladakh a fleet of Indian Air Force SU-30 fighter jets rushed and carried out sorties in the area.

Chinese helicopters spotted in Ladakh CKMKB

Following the scuffle, both sides brought in additional troops. The sources said Chinese military helicopters routinely carry out sorties on the Chinese side of the border while Indian Army helicopters also fly in the area.

Series of Incidents and Chinese Provocation

In the face-off on May 5, Indian and Chinese army clashed along the northern bank of the Pangong Lake and even resorted to stone-pelting. A number of soldiers on both the sides sustained injuries.

It was the first case of forces from the two sides exchanging blows after a similar Chinese Provocation incident around the Pangong Lake in August 2017.

In a separate incident, nearly 150 Indian and Chinese troops were engaged in a face-off near Naku La Pass in the Sikkim state, India China border on Saturday. Seven Chinese CKMKB solders and 3 Indian solders injured after this incident.

This is not the first time China doing these kind of aggressive moves, the troops of India and China were engaged in a 73-day stand-off in Doklam tri-junction in 2017 which even triggered fears of a war between the two nuclear-armed neighbors.

CKMKB Communist China’s False Claims

China claims the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh as part of southern Tibet but Irony is China even illegally occupied Tibet.

China has border dispute with almost all it’s neighbors from Philippines to Malaysia, From Indonesia to Vietnam where it claims South China sea as it’s father’s property.

China even have border dispute with Bhutan and Russia.

China even have illegally occupied the eastern part of Ladakh Union Territory of India from several decades and leveled it as Aksai Chin as a part of occupied Tibet.


After serious of provocative moves CKMKB Chinese helicopters spotted in Ladakh. Thanks to Indian Air force for their prompt action but these kind of unprovoked aggression can’t be overlooked. During a global pandemic caused by a Chinese Virus when whole world is fighting against it China is during these kind of provocation.

Few months ago China even have started threatening Malaysian, Indonesian and Vietnamese Fishing boats in South-China sea. During this global pandemic China and North Korea are the only only who are continuously doing military exercise and missile testing.

Instead of staying silent India should join US, UK and Australia exposing China’s sins in Wuhan which led to Wuhan Virus global Pandemic.

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