China wants Indian Media to support One-China policy Propaganda

After spreading Corona Virus and blocking other countries to study the real cause of virus, China is facing global outrage. The growing demand of recognition of Taiwan for its excellent handling of coronavirus crisis, forcing Chinese diplomats across the world to push ‘One-China policy’ in order to influence the international boycott of Taiwan’s participation in the WHO.

One-China policy Propaganda

The Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in India, Ji Rong, today posted a series of tweets urging the Indian Media to support One-China policy and protest Taiwan’s participation in the WHO.

Taiwan Model to Curb Coronavirus

During coronavirus pandemic, Taiwan’s approach to curb the spread of the virus and its friendly relation with nations seeking its help to combat the scourge of COVID-19 was appreciated all over the world.

At the same time, China’s hostile and non-transparent stance on coronavirus has attracted lot of criticism from many countries who have now turned into coronavirus hot-spots after the virus reportedly emerged from Wuhan. The countries struggling under the pandemic are lauding Taiwan for its exceptional handling of the crisis and for for proactively in sharing their experiences with them.

Growing Support For Taiwan’s Entry into WHO

To this end, many countries have advocated Taiwan’s inclusion in the upcoming World Health Assembly (WHA), the decision-making body of the WHO. As usual, this was not gone well with the Chinese diplomats, who are trying with all the diplomatic efforts block Taiwan’s entry and recognition. This is a part of One-China policy Propaganda of China.

Consequently, the Spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in India, Rong alleged that the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan is using the issue of coronavirus to engage in political manipulation hyping-up the issue to extract advantage and seek “independence”, rather than caring about the health and welfare of the people in Taiwan.

Also, Rong urged the Indian Media to take a “correct stance” in adherence to “One-China principle”, which the Chinese diplomat claimed was a widely held consensus, including that by the Indian government.

China’s rant against Indian newspapers

This is not the first time that Chinese diplomats have addressed against Indian media. Recently, the Chinese embassy in India censured an Indian newspaper ‘The Hindu’ for publishing an opinion by Taiwan’s health minister Chen Shih-Chung. In the article, Chen offered Taiwan’s exemplary strategy in curbing the alarming spread of the virus in the country.

Chen’s urge to include Taiwan into WHO was enough to raise the hackles of the Chinese Embassy in India. After this a strong-worded statement released by the Chinese spokesman to Indian Media to support it’s One-China policy Propaganda.

Before this, the Chinese embassy in India had slammed another Indian Newspaper “The Times of India” for interviewing Taiwan’s foreign minister.

India’s Growing Public Support For Taiwan

United States with it’s friendly nations UK and Australia started campaigning for Taiwan on various platforms. One notable platform was Twitter, where hashtags like “#TweetForTaiwan” was going viral. People from all over the world coming in support for Taiwan.

Although it was expected for Taiwan to receive support from countries like US and Hong Kong but surprisingly India tops the chart according to a tweet by Taiwan News. The Public support for Taiwan in India is massive and people are openly rejecting China’s One-China policy Propaganda.


Just few days before, Chinese solders in Sikkim-Tiber border involved in a face-off and few days later Chinese helicopters spotted in Ladakh (India-Tiber border). Soon after this Indian air force jets rushed and carried out sorties in the area.

China is a close ally of PKMKB Pakistan, who carries out regular terrorism activities against India. China supplies all kind of weapon, fighter jets, ammunition, money and diplomatic support to Pakistan. In past China had blocked the Global declaration of most wanted terrorist “Hafiz Saeed” who is the master mind of several terrorist attacks against India.

All after this China shamelessly wants Indian media to support it’s One-China policy Propaganda.

Source: OpIndia

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