China forces Tibetans into labour camps for military-style training

China continues its human rights abuse. This time China forces Tibetans into labour camps for military-style training. It is the Tibetan rural labourers who are being pushed off the land and are being sent into the training centers and are forced to work as factory workers.

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China forces Tibetans into labour camps – Evidence

The evidence has been compiled by German anthropologist Dr Adrian Zenz, whose research was instrumental in raising the profile of the mass detention and torture of Uighurs in China’s remote Xinjiang province.

The labour camps are accompanied by enforced indoctrination, intrusive surveillance, and harsh punishments for those who fail to meet labour transfer quotas, according to the research.

China forces Tibetans into labour camps

The similarity between Xinjiang and Tibet

According to a UN report, it is estimated that more than one million people in Xinjiang, who are mostly ethnic Uyghurs, have been not only been detained in camps but have been subjected to ideological education.

It may be recalled, initially, China had denied the existence of such detention camps, however, has since claimed that the camps are vocational and education centers. And now claim the people in these centers have all `graduated’.

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The incident “China forces Tibetans into labour camps” is similar to what happening in Xinjiang, and the most import ink between the two is the former Tibet Communist Party Secretary Chen Quanguo. He is the man who had taken over the same post in Xinjiang in 2016 and was the main man behind the development of Xinjiang’s camp system.

Urge to Boycott China for Winter Olympics

The founder of the alliance of MPs, Sir Iain Duncan Smith has urged the International Olympics Committee  to reconsider Beijing as the host of the Olympic Winter Games in 2022. MPs from New Zealand, the Netherlands and the UK have questioned whether the games can continue in China amid the growing human rights concerns and restrictions on freedom of the press.

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Former Australian soccer captain Craig Foster said on Tuesday the IOC would be directly responsible if it allowed its “mega events to be used to whitewash broad scale abuse occurring under the shadow of the stadia”.

“It is near impossible to see how China can stage a mega-sporting event in accordance with these basic human rights since many are antithetical to governmental principles themselves,” said Foster, an adjunct professor at Torrens University.


Few weeks before India’s Special Frontier Force which consists of soldiers from both Indian Army and Ethnic Mountain forces from Tibet gave a bloody nose to China. This makes China to think that, occupied Tibetians in Tibet will voluntary work for China against India.

Failing in their attempt now China forces Tibetians into Labour camps for military style training.

China forces Tibetans into labour camps – Source

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