10 Best Boycott China Images after Galwan Valley Clash

The recent deadliest clash between Indian and Chinese troops in Galwan valley which lead to martyrdom of 20 Indian Army personals shocked the entire nation. A wave of anti-Chinese anger and call for Boycott China is cresting all over India.

Although the attack on Indian solders was unexpected, still Indian army gave a bloody nose to Chinese Army by chasing and eliminating more than 43+ Chinese solders.

Boycott China Rant All over the World

India is not the first country which is facing unproved and illegal Chinese aggression. Communist China is doing this with all it’s neighbors.

From Russia to Mongolia, from Bhutan to Nepal, from Malaysia to Indonesia and from Philippians to Vietnam, China has border dispute with all it’s 14 neighbors. China has illegally occupied Tibet, Aksai Chin (East Ladakh), Macau, Hong-Kong and trying to occupy Taiwan. The most brutal one is illegal detention of it’s own 2.5 Million Uighur Muslim people. The frustration and anger towards Chinese Communist regime led people all over the world came in support for India and Boycott China movement.

Below are the 10 best images from all over the world, circulated during Galwan Valley clash supporting the Boycott China Movement.

10 Best Boycott China Images from all over the World

1. Taiwan News – Picture of the Day

There is not a single day when Communist China has not tried to suppress Taiwan. From UN to WHO, China threatens everyone to accept the one China policy and Boycott Taiwan. Hence Taiwan was the first country which showed massive support to India after the illegal Chinese aggression in Galwan Valley. Below is the iconic tweet by Taiwan News post Galwan Valley clash.

2. Amul’s Iconic Boycott China Ad

Known for its quirky advertising, with social and political overtones, dairy brand Amul published some Boycott China ads which received massive support from netizens.

boycott China Galwan valley

3. Massive Social media campaign with Anti-China posters

People in social media came in support for Boycott China movement with savage posters and memes as below.

Boycott China Images after Galwan Valley Clash

4. Boycott Chinese Apps – Red Flagged by Intelligence agencies

The Indian intelligence agency have asked the central government to block or restrict the use 53 Chinese apps and mobile applications linked to China. The list of 53 Chinese apps includes TikTok, Zoom, Xender, SHAREit, Clean-master and UC Browser, etc. All these apps are not secure and threat to our national security.

Boycott China Images after Galwan Valley Clash

5. Explosive article by UK’s Express News after Galwan Valley Clash

As of now almost 9 Million people are infected by this Chinese virus and almost half a million are died. Even after 100s of request from UK, US, Canada and Australia, to study the source of virus, China has tried all possible steps to hide it’s failure and face. This was enough to rattle the English country.

Soon after the Galwan Valley clash UK’s famous new media Express published a article with a headline saying: “India slaughters 5 Chinese soldiers in bloody massacre- border tensions erupt“. Below is the screenshot of that Boycott China article from Express UK.

Boycott China Images after Galwan Valley Clash

6. The Real Map of China

If you search in google you will find the real map of China and it’s illegal occupation over Kazakhstan, Tibet, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Macau and many more occupied countries. Below is of the most circulated “The Real China Map” all over the internet.

Boycott China Images after Galwan Valley Clash

7. Tibet is not China

Tibet is an independent country under unlawful occupation of Communist China since 7 decades. Most of the Tibetans are living as refuge in all over the world and in India. Since then, Tibet run its government-in-exile and demanding it’s independence from China.

Hundreds of Tibetans, Dalai Lama and Tibet government-in-exile came in support of India and joined the Boycott China movement after the Galwan Valley Clash.

Boycott China Images after Galwan Valley Clash

8. Save Democracy in Hong Kong

What China is doing with Hong Kong is totally not acceptable. People in Hong Kong are protesting against China to save their democracy since last 1 year.

Boycott China Images after Galwan Valley Clash

9. Corona Virus is China

Below is another most circulated video all over the internet saying “Corona Virus is China but others are not. Clearly frustration over China is all over the world.

Boycott China Galwan Valley clash

10. China’s betrayal By Cartoonist Satish Acharya

Cartoonist Satish Acarya, who is known for his witty and savage cartoons made a great cartoon to show how China betrayed India in it’s back.

Boycott China Images after Galwan Valley Clash


The recent, Galwan Valley clash is an extreme lesson for India that we should never trust China and boycott Chinese products as much we can. From supporting terrorists in Pakistan to illegally occupying Tibet, China was never India’s friend.

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