After Spreading China coronavirus in India China decides to evacuate citizens

After spreading deadly China coronavirus all over the world, China decides to evacuate citizens from India. The Chinese embassy put out a notice on its website on Monday asking those wanting to return home to book tickets in special flights.

It includes students, tourists, businessman and workers. It also includes Chinese citizens who are in India to practice yoga or had come to India for the Buddhist religious circuit pilgrimage.

The notice put out in Mandarin on Monday morning said those taking the flights will have to pay for the tickets and for their 14-day quarantine once they land in China. The move to evacuate its citizens comes after India became 10th worst hit country by China coronavirus.

The China coronavirus and It’s Irony

The China coronavirus, which first reported in Wuhan has spread to over 190 countries infecting over 5.44 Million people and taking 340,000 innocent lives. China, after blocking other countries to study the real cause of China coronavirus, is facing global outrage and criticism. Now after spreading China coronavirus in India, as a strange move, China decides to evacuate citizens from India.

China’s decision to evacuate its citizens from India comes few weeks after a Chinese spokesperson to India, urged Indian Media to support One-China policy propaganda and protest Taiwan’s participation in the WHO. Soon after that series of events reported in Ladakh and Sikkim. The Chinese military helicopters were seen flying close to the LAC following to the clashes between Indian and Chinese troops in Pangong Tso and Galwan Valley.

India’s evacuation from China

India was among the first few countries to evacuate more than 700 citizens and foreign nationals from Wuhan, worst-hit by the China coronavirus outbreak, where the coronavirus emerged late last year in February.

The second batch of evacuation in late February had been delayed after the Chinese authorities are said to have delayed the required clearances.


China have also mentioned in the notice, If your body temperature exceeds 37.3 degrees before boarding or if you have any symptoms of China Coronavirus, you will be refused boarding by the airline.

Source: TOI

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